Pictures, at long last

I’ll just launch right into it..

The kids at a themed birthday party a while back

Even the parties of small children must involve a disco in a dim room. I’m fairly sure Joseph is eschewing dancing in order to march about like a Cyberman, thoughts of mass deletion on his mind.

What’s got these kids so nervous?

Ah. Fair enough.

Joseph, working hard at his desk.

The state of Nyn’s desk means that Mittens is generally the only one to get anything done on it.

James was so impressed with his Huevos Rancheros that he took a picture. Must say, HR is my favoritest dinner ever, particularly when I fry the corn tortillas myself.

Our wee sophisticat.

Mittens, on the other hand, hits the booze a little heavy..

Viewing the ospreys at Loch of the Lowes in Perthshire. This was a fabulous day–I got to be in the trees! I am ever so grateful to Richard for taking us. I do believe it saved my sanity…for a time anyway ;).

More of the loch.

Would you check this out? It turns out I don’t necessarily need to move back to the states to be happy with the scenery–I just need to move to Perthshire!

We were going to go find the Hermitage or whatever is it that the tourists are supposed to want to go see. We found water and rocks and trees and decided we were set.

And there were waterfalls..

And brilliant precarious rock formations to play on! I was very impressed–the only one injured that day was me! Nyssa didn’t fall once!

More water, more rocks, more water falling over rocks..forgive me if I’m the only one to find this exciting.

Nyssa buckling Joseph into the bike rack on the train. Good times.

Our tesco, which was involved in the bomb threat whatsit. And did you read about the SUV that plowed into the Glasgow airport? Scottish terrorists suck.

I bought one shop nearly out of pipe cleaners, knowing the kids would do great things with them.

Dad will appreciate these two pictures..though we’re missing a laundry basket.

James ‘helping’ Joseph play his Jurassic Park game. Later that evening I discovered James playing it in his room by himself. Ostensibly he was testing it out further. Mm Hmm.

As promised, some of the lesser known British foods. No your eyes aren’t deceiving you–those are Tidgy Toads and Pork Faggots.

Scottish pancakes = burnt crepes. Delish.

How do I possibly choose??

Mustard, mint sauce, and salad cream, the mainstay condiments of Britain.

A meat paste for every taste.

Funny, never found this one in the Campbell’s section back in Idaho..

Have to wonder what sort of steak is being sold for 30 pence. Guess I’ll have to go with the lunch tongue.

We get posh spam here.

Nyssa has been here too long. She’s asking why this snack, which comes in prawn cocktail and pickled onion flavors, is something I’d consider wierd.

Nyssa’s favorite–cola flavored Haribo gummies.

Some of you expressed interest in my raggy hair. This would have been before I bought redken rough paste to make it stick out more. Awesome.

Nyssa ran about the house taking pictures the other day. Some are more obscure. Guess what this is? … Nevermind, you’ll never get it. It’s the underside of a Mexican tamarind candy pump. Yup.

She likes the Frida Kahlo prints. What reasonable person wouldn’t?

My fabulous, fabulous husband won an award from Microsoft. I’m happy that he gets recognized for his efforts. Then again, since those efforts involve so much time spent online, not sure we want to encourage that.. 😉

And this is just good–one of my very favorites from chzbrgr


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