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Pictures, at long last

August 31, 2007

I’ll just launch right into it..

click here for semi-recent pictures, plus bonus photo tour of culinary offerings of the local supermarket

Fall is coming up on me..

August 22, 2007

..though you wouldn’t know it, as today it was the hottest I’ve experienced this summer. Hmm.. It figures of course, since our activity today was indoors. Next week for our beach trip it will surely be raining.

The local kids have gone back to school, and I’m still trying to get the kids set up with their activities for this term. So far, we have a homeschooler singing group (meaning, mums sing, and the kids run off to play together :/) and varied activities every fortnight, which amounts to something every thursday. We got them registered today for a saturday morning arts and crafts class. Have to say, that was value–no tuition fee, just a fiver for the term’s supplies. Yess. Something has to offset Nyssa’s dance fees/expenses. Speaking of which, they still haven’t got back to me with the fall schedule! It’s a bit irritating to be honest. Same with the scouts. We’d do Woodcraft Folk, but it’s just too far away without a car for a weekly activity. I’d set one up, but I don’t have that kind of energy. The kids got into the Edinburgh Young Archaeologists’ Club, which meets monthly at the castle. It looks really cool; my inner child is jealous. On Mondays they have a theatre arts group. I’m almost thinking, do they really need scouts and dance? Maybe their failing to get back to me is a sign? I could use the extra money to get us to the unitarian church each week..I’ve been thinking about checking out the Dundee one, since the train schedule is less goofy on Sundays than the Edinburgh one for some reason.

My big concern is the lack of athletics. There will be movement in the theatre group, apparently, and they always manage to run about with the other kids when they have the chance. I seem to recall most of my exercise at that age being had during recess when we were forced onto a playground for 90 minutes a day. Not that they’d be getting that in school here–their old school didn’t even have grass! Still, I get neurotic about these things. Nyssa wants to learn to swim really badly, but James has been so busy that I’m thinking that maybe I just need to sign them up for formal lessons. That of course means getting on year-long waiting lists. Other kinds of exercise I can think of are problematic. We need a car so I can throw bikes in the back and we can drive them to a safe area for them to ride in. I dunno, at this age shouldn’t it be enough that they run and climb and jump regularly? It’s the same paranoia with a lot of things, whether it’s dance, maths, or language. I think it’s the fear of the modern parent who reads too much that they’ll forego certain kinds of learning for too long and their kids will miss that nebulous ‘optimal time’, forever handicapping their education. My kids have healthy bodies and can absorb information, acquire skills, and express themselves. I should be happy!

Speaking of happy, my wee girl is about to turn 8, which makes me not so. At least she is cooperative enough to be mind-bendingly cute at times. Poor Joseph spends the 2 months after her birthday every year in a perpetual state of mild irritation over the fact that they’re the same age. This year, Nyssa wants a doll house. Heck, I want her to have a doll house and I’m happy she hasn’t outgrown the notion yet. I think we’ve settled on this one — . Of course, she’ll need the extention, and the car, and the playground…well, that’s what Christmas is for anyway. Doll houses are expensive! I was applying the same logic that I did to spinning wheels (i.e., I can make one myself, damn it), and started sketching floor plans. I thought about taxi trips to the B&Q, all the paint, hinges, wood, not to mention a jig saw…and reluctantly concluded to James that it would probably be cheaper in the end to just buy one. He actually laughed at me! He never knew the junior high me who spent most of my time in the shop room, particularly at the drafting desk, so can’t blame him really for thinking I was ‘cute.’ (grr)

I bought a strange food item from the freezer section today simply because it was, well, strange. It was a box of breaded crepes (they call them pancakes here, wtf) that were filled with cheese. Well, we tried them out and decided that we won’t be buying those twice. Ew.. I’ve been in a sort of cooking rut lately. I’m tired of beans, grains, pasta, sweet potatoes, potatoes…well, lots of things really. I was excited when I saw that quorn had come out with beef-style pieces, but was let down to discover that they’re just the chicken-style pieces dyed brown. Irritating. I need to make more frequent orders to goodness direct, as they have lovely marinated tofus and lots of properly interesting vegetarian options. Thing is, the stuff has to come in so much packaging to keep it cold that I feel guilt. I don’t like guilt.

I never know how to end blog posts. My instinct is to wrap them up like I would a letter, but that’s so very cheesy…