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March 26, 2007

It’s been a while since I posted, my apologies. 

Aside from various aspects of our health being erratic, things have been going ok.  The spring is aggravatingly slow in coming, which is making us all very homesick.  It just lingers in the high 40s-low 50s for weeks and weeks…I frankly don’t know how people deal with it.

Nyssa is mostly happy with life, though having trouble again with exceptionally dry hands.  She’s got a bit of an OCD handwashing thing going, which isn’t helping.  She’s in a phase in which everything is a potential toxin.  God help me if she smells bleach in the bathroom, or if I give her a food with too much saturated fat on the label.  I hope this all rounds out nicely with her being a health-conscious adult and not just totally neurotic like her mum.  She’s still dancing and singing through life, so it can’t all be that bad.

Joseph has started experiencing mood swings a bit younger than I expected.  I’m trying not to read too much into it and instead help him find coping mechanisms, but it’s fairly difficult.  He’s also developed very strong preferences for his lifestyle already, and it’s hard to know whether to encourage (force) him to expand his personality horizons, or accept that he has a very certain sense of self.  For example, after attending gymnastics for several weeks, he’s decided he’s had enough.  He likes the exercise ok, is friends with everyone, likes his teachers, etc., but from what I understand finds the activity as a whole really frustrating.  He is not at all interested in team sports, even something with as individual an emphasis as gymnastics.  What he does want is for us to commit to frequent nature walks where he can combine exercise with his investigative leanings.  I foresee many more bags of rocks and seashells..  the only other physical activity I could think of that he found interesting was us coming up with exercise routines and games to do inside on rainy days (appeals to his list-making..he’s already charted it out) and *perhaps* gardening, assuming I buy him proper gloves so he doesn’t get unbearably dirty (he was so genuinely *pissed* when they redid the park and laid sand under all the play equipment..while I don’t blame him in the slightest, it was hard not to giggle at his indignance).

So, adding this to James’ stress about work and my general brain-damaged state, I’m thinking of investing in padded walls! 🙂

I have found a fairly therapeutic hobby, thanks to friend S–spinning yarn on a drop spindle.  I’ve found a combination of plied alpaca and llama that I like a lot, and I’m determined to spin enough at the right gauge for a rowan buttoned shawly whatsit pattern.  I bought all sorts of samples of fibres..from recycled plastic to yak to bamboo for the kids and I to subject to experimentation.  I even got some silk cocoons, inclusive of worms, for us to try to properly dismantle.  Excellent wee biology lesson.  They’ll also each pick a fibre to write a little history of, etc.  I think the most fun will be had burning samples and noting the reactions…assuming Nyssa makes it through all of them before starting to cry that I’m polluting our air. 😛

Oh, our tubby cat is finally losing weight!  Now if only the NHS covered kitty tummy tucks.  I think we might rename her ‘Mudflaps.’

Now, I realize most people lurk about here hoping that I’ll post pictures.  Shall do..when my new computer is finally put together.  No really.