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Ohhhhh goodness.

January 27, 2007

Many things have been going on; good, bad, and irritating.

So the neighbor needs to get into the attic to shut off the water, because the ass-hats who split the building up were cheap and didn’t give everyone their own whatsits. I go down and chat with the neighboress and IT WOULD SEEM, having been mentioned in passing, THAT THERE IS LEAD IN OUR WATER. How lovely, that we give money to charities to help sort out the water for people in other countries, whilst our own hasn’t managed it yet. Even more lovely, how our landlord hasn’t deigned to enlighten us of the fact. For a year and a half. First thing Monday, it’s me with a water sample down to Environmental Services, and James on the phone to the letting agent. One potential good of all this–perhaps now I have a tangible excuse for my brain-deadedness. Argh.

James is happy these days–he got a raise, won an xbox 360 at work for a project of his, and got a big flat-screen tv on his new year’s tech budget. I uh..hmm. I’m expecting at least a card this Valentine’s Day :P. Actually, James is going to get me a new PC that can hook up to the tv. The kids will be able to play pc-rom games like never before. Wowww.

Homeschooling is going fine, though there’s the occasional hiccup due to ill-health, my insomnia, and the crap weather that makes the idea of outings unappealing. I’ve come up with the most pleasant way of getting up in the morning of my parenthood so far–every morning the kids come jump in bed with me with their math workbooks. I can sort of hazily answer their questions as I come to full (well, as full as it gets) consciousness. Nyssa is loving her flamenco (stomps) and highland dance (jumps). Joseph is loving getting to learn awesome skills in gymnastics.

Of personal note, I’ve put things on ebay for sale. Yesss. So that’s not a big deal, but it’s fun for a dork like me to will people to buy my crap. Ebay rules–it’s like a yard sale without the loss of dignity. Hehe.

Best news perhaps, we’re finally going to catch up with Battlestar Gallactica–and on a big screen, I’m almost not annoyed that it took this long!

Happy New Year

January 2, 2007

So, it’s a new year. That is, for the foreseeable future it’s me cursing at myself and scribbling out the ‘6’ at the end of dates on forms.

The kids are driving me nuts while waiting for brownies to cool, so I’m sitting them on the couch to tag-team read.

Christmas was nice. I think the nicest thing actually was hanging around Oxford town centre for a while by myself. The highlight was sitting on the second level of a Starbucks, drinking my annual gingerbread latte and spacing out at the shoppers below. It’s been a while since I did that. Now if only the shopping I did was for myself, would have been perfect.

I got a lovely present from James this year. I’d have been pleased with him just buying and wrapping any old thing just so he finally made the effort, but he got me the 2006 Swarovski snowflake set! I’ve been wanting a collection of those for years, hurrah!! I also got the Napoleon Dynamite special edition DVD, sweet. Other things as well, in fact not sure what they all are yet as I have to get them from the royal mail depot, if it ever decides to open. Silly me, popping by there today thinking there would be no reason for them not to be open on the 2nd. Speaking of closures, the council office at the end of the street we live on was closed to all today due to the insane winds over the weekend beating the hell out of the globe weathervane whatsit. It looks really funny, all askew, but until they get it down it apparently is putting anyone who dares come near the building in dreadful peril. Glad I didn’t make any plans in the city for Hogmaney, would have been blown away.

James related to me today Joseph’s shared mental processes in picking out my presents. As usual, they kids picked out some of their own things and wrapped them for me, bless. Joseph picked out an old tube of lotion after considering the fact that I use it all the time, and if I lost my tube, another one would come in really handy. He also wrapped two rather worn boxes of wikki sticks, which are little wax covered modeling stick things, after remembering that I liked playing with them.

Nyssa has been a cheese today. Joseph was wheedling her about something this morning, and she looks at him squarely and says, ‘No. I know that look.’ This evening, she’s bugging me when I’m in the kitchen and when I try to shoo her, she pleads, ‘but Mom! I’m addicted to you!’ Har.

Better go check the brownies I guess.