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holy hell

December 13, 2006

A comment of mine was posted on a bbcnews article – linky. Too bad it isn’t something a tad more insightful :P.

Haven’t posted in quite a while. The UK is christmas party mad. The kids have been invited to so very many, and just to make sure the holidays are replete with stress, we’re hosting one next Wednesday. This weekend is the homeschooler retreat, and next Thursday we’re going to Oxford. James gets back from Canada on Friday, just before we are to get on the train for the retreat. He had a work assignment in Newfoundland of all places for a couple of weeks.

Nyssa has been having bizarre health problems. I hope they resolve by the end of the week, because her fuse is incredibly short and is prone to the kind of freakouts we haven’t seen since ’03.

I’ve got cards and presents for everyone in the States sent, I think, which makes me quite proud obviously. We all have to have goals, you see.

Anyway, it’s late.