Interesting day

Today we had the first hall meet in Edinburgh, with the scheduled activity being puppet-making. Nyssa made one fairly quickly by putting a sock on her hands and blopping on two eyes on with a magic marker. I encouraged her to try a bit harder and we made a sort of bride, according to her. She was going to make another bride so they could get married, but she got bored and wanted to go play a rough soccer game with the boys. She was in a lacy little dress with two pig-tails and would alternate between aggressively going after the ball and doing cheerleader dance moves. It was very cute, must say. Joseph turned down puppetry altogether in favor of playing pool, oi. We didn’t manage to make it to gymnastics this evening either because of a minor health crisis. Mum K and I decided that finding someplace warm to have tea and do some watchful waiting would be in order, and it happened that the most convenient place to do so was the Ikea. This was not contrived, I swear! That said, since we were there anyway…and it was my first Ikea visit after all. K was good enough to let me wander around, fulfilling my need for storage solutions. We even managed to come up with a project for our little art group. Traffic home wasn’t abominable and, I’m assuming, the health crisis blew over, so really not a bad day at all.


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