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Interesting day

November 10, 2006

Today we had the first hall meet in Edinburgh, with the scheduled activity being puppet-making. Nyssa made one fairly quickly by putting a sock on her hands and blopping on two eyes on with a magic marker. I encouraged her to try a bit harder and we made a sort of bride, according to her. She was going to make another bride so they could get married, but she got bored and wanted to go play a rough soccer game with the boys. She was in a lacy little dress with two pig-tails and would alternate between aggressively going after the ball and doing cheerleader dance moves. It was very cute, must say. Joseph turned down puppetry altogether in favor of playing pool, oi. We didn’t manage to make it to gymnastics this evening either because of a minor health crisis. Mum K and I decided that finding someplace warm to have tea and do some watchful waiting would be in order, and it happened that the most convenient place to do so was the Ikea. This was not contrived, I swear! That said, since we were there anyway…and it was my first Ikea visit after all. K was good enough to let me wander around, fulfilling my need for storage solutions. We even managed to come up with a project for our little art group. Traffic home wasn’t abominable and, I’m assuming, the health crisis blew over, so really not a bad day at all.


I’m not totally disappointed!

November 8, 2006

Some key excellent points from the election-
-First female House speaker: Nancy Pelosi
-First Muslim congressman: Keith Ellison
-First socialist senator: Bernie Sanders
-First black northern governor: Deval Patrick in Massachusetts

Of course gaining the house is fantastic news. By gaining, I should say wresting from the republicans, since I’m certainly not a democrat. South Dakota’s near-total ban on abortion has also been overturned, which is a victory for, um, consistency? As much I couldn’t personally tolerate the notion of having an abortion, I’m not going to pretend that the cultural trend isn’t leaning heavily towards considering certain kinds of human killing ok. Indeed, it’s some of the already fully sanctioned forms that should concern us more–the death penalty, warfare, poverty…

It will be interesting to see who ends up running for the 2008 presidential election. Perhaps even more interesting will be seeing how Bush ends up tip-toeing around/stomping through the ranks of opposition for the duration of his term.

I am really happy

November 4, 2006

I found a big bag of Reeses Pieces at the back of the cupboard. Mines.

So..had a wierd night of nausea and confused state of mind. Did some shopping today, and it was totally mad. Every place was packed and I’m sure the new Debenhams was breaking fire code. I went out with just Nyssa as we were picking up a couple pressies for Joseph. I really like going places with the kids singly. We bought her some nice hand cream because she’s started getting her insane winter chapped hands already. Fireworks are exploding all around in preparation for Guy Fawkes. I get the feeling that laws are a lot more lenient regarding the fireworks that can actually become airborne..

Joseph has interesting skills. In the department store yesterday he found precisely the right bra for me amongst the dozens of styles–‘it’s pink, it’s got a lacy back, and it’s padded.’ He’s very sweet too. We had a homeschooling outing and Nyssa was complaining about some playpark drama (I think I’ve mentioned before that she frequently finds herself the sub to the other girls’ doms). Joseph said, ‘Now Nyssa, if people are bothering you, you just come to me and I’ll sort it out because I’m a tough boy.’ Then he pauses from putting his shoes on, looks at me and asks, ‘Lannita, can you tie my shoe please?’ Hehe.

It’s been a busy week and we didn’t even make it to everything we were supposed to. Highlights include our first trip to Dundee and a (free!) film. The next day we went to St. Andrews for homeschooling friend A’s birthday. She wanted a tea party, and it was very sweet. Nyssa proved to be a bit too adept at party games and I learned, sorta, the trick of manning the music at Pass the Parcel. That is, stop the music such that there are maximum kids getting turns to unwrap and minimal whining. We went to the park for a time and the kids had a great time while we grownups moaned about the cold. It’s suddenly become very cold here. Last night I found some chunky yarn and knitted myself up a gaiter/scarf/hat thingie.

We got the chimney swept and tried out the fire last night. Today I bought a little rug to put in front of the hearth. I’m going to experiment with scenty things to put in the fire. I’m going to start baking spicy pies and things and once we can find some aromatic tree cuttings to put about the house, things will be nicely winter-fied. Ahh…