I found myself drawn in by one of those rubbish ‘best 100 somethings’ late-night shows, this one about pop videos. Number one, of course, was Thriller. That end bit where he turns and grins that freaky grin with the demon eyes gives me a fright as much as it did when I was little.

So I discovered why the ME Foundation charity shop closed down, something about financial mismanagement. Now where am I supposed to buy my furniture??

The making of the kids’ cakes was made a fair bit less stressful when they decided at the last moment that they would like to decorate them themselves. They did a fantastic job, has to be said. Joseph, predictably, made a Dalek cake, and Nyssa make a Rapunzel cake with a little princess that looks just like the ones she draws on paper, aww. The house is more or less in order, I can send James to the shop tomorrow for things I’ve forgotten, and I think every is sorted. Strange feeling. I hope the kids don’t think I planned a crap party. In any case, I’m sure to have pictures to post soon.


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