Joseph and I were walking through the bus station to the shops when we saw a friendly-looking, white-bearded man with a guitar strapped to his back. I subtly followed him as long as I could because I was curious if he would start playing or otherwise do something interesting, but alas he stopped to tie his shoe and we walked on.

A bit later, as we walked out of M&S I thought I heard guitar music. A way down the street I could make out the old man playing and dug a pound coin out, as I think it’s important to encourage live music in public places. We walked nearer and I suddently stopped us short. I saw that he had set up some placards with various messages that I wasn’t sure I’d agree with as there were some Bible references. I drew Joseph back to a place where we could read the signs but where our discussion wouldn’t be disruptive. The first sign said something about Christ being the only way to God. I explained my thoughts on that. The second one said something about Jesus telling us to love one another. That was just fine with me. The third said that we had to ask Jesus to forgive our sins. The last one involved ‘God’s plan’ for marriage; i.e., only one, between a man and a woman, etc. with the rather tactless line at the bottom, “Remember Sodom.” Rather than go into a diatribe on that particular example of narrow thinking, I suggest reading this article by Dr. Nick Gier, which basically states that today’s conservative christian culture takes the events of Sodom out of context, that the sin was the brutalization of the ‘other,’ not the specific act of homosexual sex. Anyway, Joseph didn’t need much of a review on my thoughts on this, as it’s come up before. I said that while it was very important that the man have a place to share his views, it was also important that we not use our money to support ideas we think are harmful. I asked him what he thought of the man’s words. He said simply that it doesn’t make sense for one person to decide what is best for everyone else. Then he pulled me over to the WHSmith window to show me something Doctor Who-related. Fair enough! 🙂

Today is Mom’s birthday, and we still need to have cake. This evening was very late in getting going. For some reason, I have real problems with the hours of about 3-7 pm. I wish I could just blank through them. It doesn’t hurt that I haven’t been sleeping. My cycle is still really wack since coming off the pill all those months ago. I was really late, so I did the thing that invariably gets things moving–I took a pregnancy test. No, I’m not, and yes, it worked to plan. Oi.

Oops, people are doing things without me.



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