I surely do like Thai food. That is to say, I have a love for their deep fried sweet potatos and corn fritters with sweet chilli sauce. I was ill this evening, and had some fever-induced nightmares. When I woke up I felt I deserved to go to the Thai place around the corner and get some comfort food. Im questioning my decision to try to type and eat at the same time though..

My determination to get Christmas sorted by November also involved my justifying the purchase of the yarn I want for a few projects. Ahh. It should all be arriving in the next few days and it will be bliss. I had to buy 6 different colors of kidsilk haze and it will be lovely to see them all sitting in a bowl. That yarn also invariably leaves significant oddments, so I foresee a beaded something in the future.

Any suggestions for good places to buy presents online? Not everyone on my list will appreciate gifts from Lush. Perhaps for people in the states, I’ll order from that fair trade shop. That would save me shipping crap. I need to draw up a christmas card list as well… I wonder if the lack of a significant Halloween experience (the kids are really miffed they don’t get to trick-or-treat) and Thanksgiving is what kicks me forward into Christmas mode when the leaves start falling.

I got all the presents picked and wrapped for the White Elephant at the kids’ party. Am I a bit sadistic in bringing this game across the pond for wee ones to play? Buahaha.

Right, well the headache is returning.


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