House so quiet

Ben and Meg have left and grandma and kids are out…suddenly it’s very quiet in the flat. I have a resounding feeling of ‘now what?’

Charity shop score of the month–yesterday I found 4 new Denby teacups and saucers for 6 quid. Sweet. I also found some white cotton sweaters for unravelling and dyeing.

We successfully sorted out the tax credit now. The plus of it taking so long is that we got 6 months of backpayment. Sweet.

I’ve been having trouble getting to sleep, and when I finally do I have intense dreams.

I seem incapable of a proper paragraph today :P.

I’m going to do some early christmas shopping today at Oxfam. The kids having all this stuff from the last month makes me leery of buying them anything, to be honest. I want them to grow up with their fair dose of ‘havenot.’

More Joseph funny: the other day we were watching Paramount Comedy, who are heavily promoting Sex and the City. Joseph finally sighs, and says, ‘Why do they call it Sex and the City?’ I winced, wondering what his next question might make me try to explain about human biology. Instead, he continues, ‘they should call it Sex IN the City!’ Hehe, pedant. On another occasion we were up in the attic because James suggested it would be a good guest room, and Ben was actually keen to try it. Joseph came up too, and we spied a big pile of ancient Cosmo magazines. Ben started reading some of the predictable blurbs, and Joseph chuckles and says, ‘hehe, those magazines are all about sex. Now who’s the boss?!!’ I fell over giggling, and I can only imagine what he actually meant.

Another reason to have pride in my son: when I gave him some double-stuf Oreos, he promptly took them apart and frankensteined himself a super quadruple-stuf Oreo.

It’s a sad state of consumer ennui when I see the cable commercial that goes, ‘if you can, you should,’ and I mentally reply, ‘eh, fair enough.’


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