Vroom vroom

We saw cars finally. The only films we will attend a proper cinema for religiously are Pixar ones. With releases of about once every 18 months, this is fairly doable. The film was pretty cute, and did make me pine a bit for road trips..

As I mentioned, James was home sick today, so I escaped the house without kids in tow for a short while. It’s nice to do that once in a while. I love my kids, but there’s invariably an irritation of some sort involved when I take them shopping. Yesterday, for example, I was braindeadedly picking out a concealer from those overly bright makeup aisles at Boots. Nyssa pipes up, ‘I’m so sorry mom!’ and I groan inwardly and turn to face her. She’s just blurped a fair amount of the contents of a bottle of ‘feminine wash’ all over herself. Her defense? She didn’t know how it opened. Why she took it upon herself to learn at that particular moment is beyond me. This sort of thing is why moms aren’t seen without purses large enough to contain wipes and kleenex.

Speaking of problems with cosmetics, James was complimenting my hair color yesterday and asked if I had dyed it. Apparently my inch-long roots weren’t a hint enough. I think what did the trick to make me oh so good-looking was seriously unwashed hair and perhaps some lipstick. Mmm..glamour.

Ever wish you’d wake up with a convincing virus just so you don’t have to leave the house. I suspect tomorrow will be one of those mornings. I know Edinburgh will be fun, but ughh. I think I’ll go knit some more of that jacket so as to have an idea of how much more wool I’ll need. I think I have the house more or less in order, aside from Laundry Butte. My mom’s coming on Friday, but she already knows I’m a slob.


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