Ow, my eyes..

Jamie woke up sick today. I woke up with weepy lefteye, which if you’re not familiar with my person means that I’m about to get sick. Ugh.

What doesn’t help is this new monitor. My laptop power supply died, so Jamies set me up the PC. It’s got a 19″ monitor and it hurrrts my eyes. So much screen! And this keyboard nonsense is killing my wrists. I need to knit a wrist cozy. Mmm…kitschy.

The kids went to the Bel Canto choir last night for the first time. They had a fabulous time. After the holidays, Joseph will be able to start gymnastics. I hope he appreciates it, as we have to trek out to one of the high schools for it. It’s on a Thursday, so it’s just as well that I decided to not continue with choir myself. I have learned of 2 opera groups near to where I live though, so in March I might look into whichever has the most appealing show in the works. Nyssa is still adoring highland dance. I honestly don’t know how kids who are in fulltime public schooling can have the energy to tackle all these activities..

After three hit and misses with the delivery guy, we finally got our Denby mugs. James and I loved our old mugs, but alas, they were just too cracked and we were down to just a few, and damn it if Tabletops Unlimited didn’t discontinue that particular shape. So, after much searching, we finally settled on Denby coffee beakers. We got them all in different colors to align with what I call our ‘Studied Eclectica’ decorating style. They are gorgeous, here’s an example. Only, we got them for 50% off, rawk.


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