I don’t want no corn!

So, the kids are coming back today (squee!). We’ve got a pile of pressies for her and I’m excited for her to open them. I also need my kids back in a generally functional way. I’ve done nothing but extract yarn from charity shop sweaters, watch Becker, and ignore the dishes for a couple weeks now. We did see Nacho Libre, which was excellent. Jack Black sang his requisite dodgy love song, which was good. That reminds me of a funny. Last night James and I went to have dinner, then ended up at a pub. On our way out, I said, ‘Ugh, I have nacho tummy.’ James replied, ‘yeah, me too. Let’s get home Pretty soon it’s going to be nacho libre.’ Buahahaha!

James pointed out last night that our Mittens is ‘an internet superstar.’ look. Click on the jeremiad link to see the picture.

I’d post more pictures, but that would require that I figure out how to mount the digicam in a new and scary desktop environment and I’m too crap for that expenditure of brain cells today.

Choir it seems is just not going to work out. There’s always something that ends up happening on Thursday evenings; ill people, late James, birthdays, social commitments..what a bother. Besides, there really wasn’t anyone in my demographic in the group, and I was hoping it would be a vaguely social endeavor. What I’m going to do instead is try to go to the folk music nights in town. That’s sounds much more interesting anyway, to be honest, even if I don’t participate in performing. There are classes and groups in Edinburgh for that sort of thing if I want to expand on that theme.

Gas guy is supposed to come today and change out the meter, which apparently they’re doing all over Fife. What the point is, I have no idea. The first time, 4 weeks ago, I waited around all day, and he came by to say that he couldn’t do it that day. He was polite enough, but still. The next time, 2 weeks ago, he comes by, has a quick look, and says that a big chunk of wood needs to be taken out of the cabinet in order for it to accommodate the new meter. I contact the landlord, and the other day, someone finally comes by to cut the piece of wood. Now it’s once again playing the waiting around all day game. Knowing my luck, he would have called the 2 minutes I was out of earshot of the door bell and phones, and there’s a note downstairs. Meh.

Hmm..I need to water the plants.


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