Around town

Some pictures around our town

The nearby theatre. This is also where Joseph will have his choir.

‘Volunteer’s Green’, a memorial park/garden where the kids like to run around. As there is no playground equipment, there is rarely anyone else here, even with the nice view of the water in the background. This is also where we bring our recycling.

The train station. James has to drag his arse here every weekday morning, hehe.

Down by the water at high tide, a couple blocks from our flat.

A church close to our flat. On Doors Open Day, we poked our heads in to have a look see. Apparently, the roof opens up like a shuttle bay.

The high street where we spend all James’ money.

Doors Open Day at the police station. Is that cop reading the manual, one wonders?

Joseph and James admiring the kitted out cop car.

Joseph and Sarahfina meeting the police dog.

My favorite church in town, and the closest one to our flat. We walk through the grounds on the way to Nyssa’s dance class. For Doors Open Day we got to climb up dodgy ladders into the tower. Both Joseph and Nyssa made it, as you can see below..

Me, Joseph, Sarahfina, and Nyssa pulling a very strange face. On my hat is a furry thing I picked up at the police station. I feel more secure travelling with a member of law enforcment. One can see that other church in the background.

A rather lovely picture of a butterfly that James got.



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