Traditional fun

The kids have been on my case about it, so today I finally taught them a game that uses those seemingly useless jokers in the card deck. And what did we play? Well, Old Maid of course! I explained that this was the game we played with Grandma Hazel and that it should be full of good-natured heckling. Nyssa looked worried. Anyway, the kids quickly learned how fun it is, particularly Joseph who took a little bit too much pleasure in tricking his neighbor. Nyssa thought it was great but had trouble being subtle. When she passed on the joker, she would laugh exhultantly, then think better of it and say, ‘I mean, nothing!’ She was also concerned about calling someone an ‘Old Maid’ being hurtful and suggested ‘happy apple’ or somesuch instead. I said, ‘Nay! If no one is permanently scarred, then all’s fair. It’s tradition!’

In other news, James didn’t get send to Bermuda after all. I think it was a bit too last minute, so I fully expect him to be sent out in the near future. As you could probably guess, that’s all fine with me, as it means he can do those outings with the kids.

I was an excellent fixer person this weekend. I installed a new vent on the dryer, and McGyvered a new deflector for the inside of the dustbuster out of craft foam. I also fixed the toilet seat as best as I could, but that POS is just going to need replacing here pretty soon. To achieve cosmic balance, I’ve been really crap at knitting. I’m working on a simple lace scarf in a user friendly yarn, and I keep having to rip it out as I don’t have the presence of mind to keep my stitches straight.

So, onto going through pictures, which I intend to post very soon. I should definitely have some interesting pictures by the end of next week, and I don’t want to get backlogged.


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