Bus sick

We went to play with some homeschooling friends today and paint some shirts, which was fun but required riding the bus. My constitution for such things is weak these days. I don’t think I’ll make it to choir practice this evening, as I feel retchy and James isn’t home from work yet..

..speaking of James, he’s suddenly been given an away mission at work. In Bermuda. I’m not bitter. Actually, I’ve been trying to think of it in terms of his having to get up early every morning to go to work whilst I get to sleep in, so fair enough. Still! He’s due to leave Sunday, which also means he’ll miss a really cool homeschooling outing. My main issue is that he *has* to be back in time for family that’s coming, and everyone involved at least *seems* to be taking me seriously. That said, I have one word–Ireland (if that doesn’t ring bells, that would be that stupid trip that more than doubled in length to about 6 weeks).

I have a little red slip from the royal mail that says I have a package. Hopefully it’s my lurvely yarn. I bought this to make this hat. I want to make this, but alas it requires 15 skeins and I have a piddling yarn allowance. *sidelong glance at James*

Right, well I feel that there was probably more I had to say, but I’m going to go sip cherry coke until my tummy feels better.


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