Nyn’s dancing, etc.

Nyssa had her first day of highland dance this afternoon. They gave her little shoes to wear, and they are just ridiculously cute. She was so impressed that she is already determined that this is the class she wants, and she’s going to work so hard that she earns a medal. When we buy her uniform, I’ll post pictures. Here is a link to the studio if you’re interested.

Joseph was confiding in me today his latest crisis, this one being fairly existential in nature. He told me about how he feels an internal battle between his head, which is telling him to act like an adult, and his heart which wants him to continue life as a child..that is, as he said it, ‘silly like mom.’ Ha. I told him I understood his difficult position, though it went without saying which side of maturity I ended up erring on. He sighed with a certain amount of resignation. Do you remember age 7 being so full of mental struggle? I remember kittens and kool-aid and playing Othello with Dad. I’ll have to quiz my parents on what I was really like.

In other news, I made a very successful batch of double chocolate mint cookies, by adding to a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe some cocoa powder, peppermint oil instead of vanilla, and chopped dark chocolate and mint aero bar. In the States, I would have tried Andes mints. They are doooood, which is a household-speak indication of highest praise.

In news of the pissing-me-off variety, the dishwasher broke. I suspect the water level regulator or the circulating pump, or something similar. Something that will be a b*tch to deal with, and will probably call for spending more money than makes sense. In trying to figure it out, I managed to flood the kitchen, because I’m awesome like that. No, I didn’t forget to turn the water off. I reassembled the machine and somehow made the problem worse, which isn’t exactly the same thing. I have now turned the water off and for the time being I’m back to scrubbing everything by hand, and getting extra irate at James for going through dozens of dishes every day. Well, it’s always something, right? If the something doesn’t involve spending hundreds of pounds or hospital time, I should be grateful.


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