Some pictures

Random images from the last few months,

Joseph proudly holding the Doctor Who cake he procured for my birthday.

Pile of cat.

Jamie playing the reflex game at the museum. Incidentally, I would have whooped his a**, had we not gotten kicked out at closing time. There will be a rematch, oh yes.

Waiting at the bus stop for Big Tent. Perhaps I was looking nervously at the cloud cover overhead. This was totally justified, as it turned out.

Joseph deftly controlling a robot.

At an exhibition of primate habitats, I made the kids pile in for a picture. Joseph thought this was terrific, as you can see by the gleeful smile on his face.

What’s that Bible verse, where your art is, there is your kitten also?

A Mitu cave.

Pretty children in Aberdour.

Nyssa in space!

We managed to have all three cats within a three foot radius long enough to get a picture. A red letter day.

If one so desires, my latest completed knitting can be seen *here*



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