Life is busy-ing up

So, we finally got Nyssa signed up for dance and had a look around the studio. From what I can tell, it’s a lovely older house conversion, with the cushiony carpets and upholstery in deep reds that you’d expect. She’s going to try highland and ballet next week and decide which she’d prefer. Of course she’d gung-ho to try all of them, but she has to limit herself for now. Poor Joseph will be on the waiting lists for gymnastics until kingdom come, it seems. This afternoon, I wrestled with Nyssa’s hair for half an hour or so trying to secure it in a bun. Her hair is layered, fine and shiny but very plentiful, and only a few inches below her shoulders. I finally put her hair in a ponytail, then divided the hair in two and put it in braids, then wrapped and pinned the braids into a bun, and secured with hairspray and a hair net. I sent her off to rough house and it stood up to her abuse, so I suppose we’ve got a winning style. I feel totally out of familiar territory least her uniform can be bought at the studio, because I would be totally lost. I’m still terrified of social faux pas after the backwards pinafore incident at Markinch Primary.

I finally joined the choir. We’re doing the Messiah, so lots of sorting out breathing and runs. It’s been a long time since I’ve sight-read, and it was interesting to note the changes in my eyesight. The conductor is that perfect sort of unattainable good-looking and admirable fellow that I like to see in a musical superior. He was actually raised in Kirkcaldy, and lived for a long time in Manchester from what I understand. It’s interesting how choral directors the world over (well, western US and the UK anyway as I’ve experienced) end up with a particular accent..a sort of vowel-heavy english. Job hazard of a career filled with vocalese, I suppose.

Yesterday we had a fabulous learning day in Edinburgh. A welsh print artist made a film about a mythical beastly boar called the trch idea on the spelling, I just recall the lack of vowels. He has been travelling around major british museums teaching children about Roman and Celtic life and then giving them some drawing instruction before engaging them in print-making and contructing a terrific map made from mud and sand taken from archaeological sites. Objects and images from the museums’ collections were incorporated as well. If pictures get circulated I’ll post them. I wish I brought my camera. Anyway, we had done some reading up during the week prior and the kids were proud of themselves for having remembered several things. Having not learned about this era in history at all in my schooldays, it was good for me as well. In particular, I don’t think we’ll ever forget the name Boudicca or that the Celtic men favored long moustaches. Hehe.

Last week I became the proud owner (repository?) of a copper coil IUD. Say what you want about the NHS and its general underfundedness, but they had a spare nurse to pat my hands and chat with me during the procedure. It was not-so-fun. The nurses asked if I’d like a tea afterwards, and the lady doctor said I should accept as that’s the only procedure in the women’s health clinic that warrants such an offer. Makes one wonder.


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8 Responses to “Life is busy-ing up”

  1. fairylaura Says:

    At least with beginner dancing I expect a lot of people wouldn’t know how the uniforms work. I wouldn’t have a clue, having never danced. Not sure whether that helps you or not, sorry! *hug*

    I remember studying the Romans in Britain, trying to conquer the tribes and things. It’s a shame most of the museums on such things are in the South (as the Romans never got as far as Scotland). I also remember studying the Tudors twice (War of the Roses, Henry VII-Elizabeth I), so they must have thought it important. History is fun. And British history is littered with fun stuff. Makes me wish I knew more about it, really.

    Glad you’re joined a choir. πŸ™‚ Singing rocks. *bounces*

    • rosgen Says:

      Yeah, the kids are quite impressed that the romans had to build a big wall to keep those raving scots out!

      Singing good, though I need to remember that I have neighbors when I come home all warmed up (according to James *blush*)

      • fairylaura Says:

        Well, depending on what time it is, of course. Singing is too fun to stop when you get going! An hour and a half is never long enough.

        Had they never tried to conquer the Scots, of course, the Scots would have quite happily continued fighting themselves. πŸ˜‰

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I will try again!

    Tried to respond once already this a.m. to no avail–what a boob! “Boob” here is used to described my lack of computer knowledge–not one of my very favorite subjects!! I will submit this under “anonymous” as you suggested and take it from there. I am sure all who read this will think Lana’s cousin Jack is really dumb. I promise I am not–just not very computer literate!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Re: I will try again!

      Hi Jack, nice of you to drop by! The kids will be very impressed, and hope others follow suit *poke*

      • Anonymous Says:

        Re: I will try again!

        Dishwashers gone bad. Cookies gone good! Sounds like a pretty good trade-off to me. Seriously, and I do not mean to bring you down, just when you think you have a little money set aside, somthing breaks. For me it is usually a car since I drive the wheels off of them before I get a new one. Weather in Dallas is a pure delight–in the 60’s in the a.m. and in the upper 80’s in the late afternoon. We need rain so freaking bad it is just unreal. In north Texas we are all going to just dry up and blow away. Give the kids a kiss and hug from me. You truly have two of the most special kiddo’s in the world! And no, your little guy should be worrying about all sorts of things–none of them heavy! And when he closes his eyes at night it should be a most peaceful sleep surrounded by people who love him unconditionally! Take care my love!

      • rosgen Says:

        Re: I will try again!

        Isn’t that the truth! James finally got reimbursed for a work expense, and we just got notice that we’re being charged for something that broke in our flat! I haven’t even ventured into car owndership in this country for fear of that very thing. I don’t have any relatives here who are car gurus.

        I’d surely send you rain if I’s been bucketing all day.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Re: I will try again!

        James to Bermuda? All I can say is be supportive–it is all part of his job that enables you to provide homeschooling and being a fulltime Mom to the kids. Enough preaching, but remember, that there are trade-off’s all over the place as we go down life’s highway. Family visiting? Everyone understands that when you have to work all bets are off as to schedule, etc. Remember, he doesn’t want to be away from you and the kids anymore than you want him to be. God, when did your humble cousin get so intelligent and tuned into the human condition? If you asked Jani, she would probably say, “Papa don’t preach!”–or one of those other country and western songs.

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