Joseph says…

…”Want me to tell you my new idea for doing chores? Come on, I know you wanna..” and gives me a saucy look. Cheeky lad.

Things to do today: find our lease renewal papers (oops), send in dance paperwork, which reminds me to buy stamps, attempt to learn the find art of putting thick Nyssa hair into a ballet bun, find requisite hair items for such a task, try yet again to call a now dead landline to cancel an appointment, get a prescription renewal, buy the poor cats some food..

bought stamps. rawk. I did get some hair bits and bobs for Nyn’s hair as well. The cats are no longer starving. I was awarded for having a virus over the weekend and not making it to the store with the cats knocking over the cat food receptacle in the kitchen and Mitu yakking all over the living room floor. Good times.

Nyssa is singing and putting together a marble maze. I’d love to hang out in her brain for a while, such a musical place. Joseph has finished his maths and is back to Bionicle. He’s taken to carting his stuffed dog Sarafina (excuse me, his ‘brother’ Sarafina) around with his everywhere. His having abandoned him some several feet away in the living room to play with other toys is quite something.


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