Have a layout up…

…and thus hope to have no reason not to update on occasion. I haven’t posted pictures online in a long time, should make that a priority…



6 Responses to “Have a layout up…”

  1. fairylaura Says:

    Laura seconds that priority.

    If it can be so seconded. On second thoughts, perhaps it should just be agreed with. *brain wanders off in search of candy*

    • rosgen Says:

      Hello there, princess 🙂 *joins laura brain in search of candy*

      • fairylaura Says:

        Laura no find candy. She does, however, find:

        Quiche in the oven *drool*
        Three chilli plants on the windowsill
        Two duck eggs in the fridge (20p each from an egg stall in Leeds market… an egg stall!!)
        About eight Rice Crispies.

        I lose at candy. 😦

      • rosgen Says:

        I found an empty bag of M&Ms, an empty box of peanut brittle, some stale ginger snaps…I think I’m going to have to go for a bowl of cereal and a coke.

        ooOOoo..do they sell quail eggs? I have the fondest childhood memories of grandma’s pickled quail eggs..

        Scrounge for change and buy some numnumnums (M&Ms in tiddlespeak)

      • fairylaura Says:

        We only saw duck, ostrich and chicken eggs, I’m afraid. I haven’t seen a quail egg in yeeeears. 😦

        If only there was somewhere actually open at this time of night… well… I think there is, but it’s about three miles away down a really steep hill… bah. *chuckles*

      • rosgen Says:

        Someone needs to invent the PMS/Pregnancy delivery service for women with food *needs*

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